Theology of Sex Thesis:

To do a Theology of Sex from the Christian tradition is to explain how sex is but one of many gracious gifts created by God. Sex is a particular gift which shows that the God revealed in the Bible is a creative, committed, relational and loving God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Out of this creative, committed, relational, and loving nature, God created men and women in God's image to, within the safety of a covenant friendship, mirror God's creative, committed, relational and loving image back to God as they share physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy with one another. For those of us who claim to be followers of this God, we are invited to model this relationship God has with God's creation by being called in to the sacrament of marriage.  This sacrament acts as a symbolic invitation for all people to leave the disjointed, fractured, isolation offered by this present age and into an intimate relationship with the God revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  


Theological Resources we drew on.

Phillip Yancey - On Sex. 

TED talk on the Neurological effects of pornography. 

Stanley Hauerwas, one of the top Christian Ethicists, on marriage

From the blogosphere: The sacrament of marriage. 


social science and journalism RESOURCES.

Washington Post Op-Ed on Hook up culture.

Counter point to Washington Post article.

Journal article from "Intersection: Transdisciplinary Journal on Gender and Sexuality." analyzing the effects of college hook up culture. 

Neurological research on the effects of hook up culture on the brain from the American Psychological Association. 

Lectures on Sexuality in the Christian Theological Tradition 

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3