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A fresh worship experience from Ekklesia Music.

The Ekklesia community is a creative community of people following Jesus together. God is doing some incredible things in this community of people. So every year the Ekklesia Music captures some of these stories and allow them to form the foundation of songs that creates a space to encounter the Lord. So, Ekklesia Worship has written a whole new set of songs which are going to debuted at the retreat. At space 2018, there will be a fresh set of songs formed in our community and we could not be more expectant of what the Lord is going to do though them. 


Thoughts from Brian Firle

Brian lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife of ten years Lisa, where they spend most of their waking hours not working somewhere in the mountains nearby their home. Brian currently serves as Chaplain and Spiritual Director with the sports ministry Athletes in Action, specifically in Professional Cycling. In the last 3-5 years, his team has pioneered a ministry and faith community in professional cycling both in the United States and abroad. Their focus has historically been in road cycling but is now expanding to a variety of other professional disciplines like endurance mountain bike racing and cyclocross. Brian is a self-proclaimed bike nerd and spends many hours a week on top of two wheels where he finds nourishing time with his community and with Christ. He is a Enneagram 1, loves a well executed cappuccino, and is energized by 90’s hip-hop.