In the fall of 2010 some friends started worshiping Jesus and praying for each other every Wednesday night in the basement of their house. People started inviting friends to “the Den” and it was soon crowded. By the end of the school year there were over 80 people crammed into this small basement singing to Jesus at the top of their lungs and praying together. It was obvious that God was up to something. It became clear that God was calling this young tribe of Jesus followers to pray more, to love more, to risk more, and to do more for the glory of God. Throughout that summer God continued to stir the hearts of a generation in Bellingham. Prayer meetings and prayer walks where happening throughout the city several times a week. On September 28, 2011 Ekklesia held it’s first worship gathering. Not knowing what to expect there were 70 folding chairs set up. That night 240 people walked through the doors and by the grace of God about 20 people made decisions to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior. By God’s grace the Holy Spirit is continuing to move powerfully through Ekklesia as we worship Jesus and make disciples. Ekklesia now meets on Thursday nights for worship services and has Community Groups all over the city. Many people have been saved and baptized as God continues to move powerfully. The plan is simple: lift up Jesus and Jesus changes everything. Incredible things have happened but it is only a glimpse of whats to come.  


In the New Testament the original Greek word Ekklesia (ek-klay-see-ah) is translated church. Literally meaning “assembly” or “the called out ones,” it is referring to a rebellious movement of people radically committed to following Jesus. The church was never meant to be an address or a once a week event. The church is an unstoppable movement of God working in and through a community of people to change the world. We are serious about knowing God and making him known. We don’t just want to attend “church,” but realize that we are the Church 24/7.

Ekklesia is a young adult ministry of Christ the King Church.