Jeff Adams & Madison Wiens: #OfftheChain

The room is coated by dim fluorescent lights and the smell of plastic becomes less and less subtle. The only window sits beside the door, the hallway outside narrowly visible. Outside the build is a gorgeous Bellingham spring day, yet Jeff and Madison find themselves inside, creating. Creating Ekklesia logo keychains with an intention to raise money for the On Earth Project.   

Jeff Adams is an engineering major at Western with the knowledge and access to utilize the school’s new 3D printer. With his community group leader Madison Wiens, they have set out to create a product that people will actually want to buy into. And while the project is motivated by a desire to raise money for On Earth, a secondary desire is to increase the visibility of Ekklesia within Bellingham. Keychains are a simple, effective, way of spreading the word about what God is trying to do through people in Bellingham. Like stickers or apparel, it serves as a conversation piece and provides the opportunity to invite others into the story of the On Earth Project.


“[The keychains are] also a combination of two of my favorite things, engineering and ministry. I feel it's not often that STEM majors get to use what they learn in class to further the kingdom on earth.” - Jeff Adams

When we recognize the talents and passions that God has gifted us with, our perspectives of ourself changes. When we take what we’re passionate about and have the awareness of the tangible things that it can provide on earth, our perspective of what it means to participate in bringing God’s kingdom changes. Rather than looking at being a STEM major as restriction, Jeff saw the opportunity to provide a tangible uniqueness in furthering the kingdom of God. Bringing the reality of that kingdom, “on earth as it is in heaven.”