Akash Kumar: Yard Work Work Work Work Work

The soft scraping of rakes partnered with the smell of fresh bark; the consistent hum of a power washer engine followed by a jet of water; both actions are contributing to the On Earth Project. Akash Kumar, along with some friends, have been doing yard work for people in the Woods Coffee office, it is work he enjoys doing and is quite good at. Also, it helps that there are plenty of people looking to have yard work done, and are increasingly motivated when it turns out to be for charity.

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“I fell in love with Charity: Water last year and have wanted to work for them since. And when ekklesia announced that we'd be fundraising to build a well, I pooped my pants. I want the money that I'm raising to help a family get clean water.” -Akash Kumar

Akash is taking his passion for Charity: Water and creating a way for people to participate in its mission locally. And it becomes even more tangible with yard work because the results of his labor get to be seen by the people who hire him. They get to see the new bark spread nicely, the freshly washed walkways, and that serves as a reminder they a participating in something larger than themselves.

When we are so motivated by a specific mission, in this case aiding the end of the water crisis, we can find ways to connect our local community to those we want to help. It’s like we are doing the work to build a path so that others can easily walk it. In this case, Akash is taking the yard work that people within his professional community need done and giving it meaning beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing home. It is an active pathway that leads towards bringing the reality of the kingdom of God, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Nathan Ford