On Earth Creatives: Arts & Crafts for Clean Water

Instagram, a constantly expanding landscape overflowing with unreasonably cute dogs, celebrities pretending they're just like us, and an account for anything you could ever imagine. Nestled in the midst of the chaos sits the On Earth Creatives. An account dedicated to the commissioning and creation of various arts and crafts, the On Earth Creatives aim to utilize their creativity and fill Bellingham with their works.

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Our community is full of creative minds and God-given talents that beg for an outlet. This account is a fun way for us to support each other in the creative process, doing what we love to do, all the while serving a King and a cause much greater than ourselves. -Charlie Sperry

Everything from beautifully woven wall hangings to watercolor covered canvases is available. So if your walls are looking a little bare or maybe you know some people who would benefit from a boost in their interior decoration, consider commissioning the On Earth Creatives. Because there’s a twofold benefit in this project. First off we have the opportunity to support local creators and acknowledge the beauty they are bringing into the world. Secondly, we have the opportunity to actively contribute to bringing the reality of the kingdom of God on Earth.

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When we utilize the talents we know God has gifted us with it changes everything. We feel purposeful when we get to tangibly contribute. And, when others decide they wish to participate in what we are doing to further the kingdom, our hearts shift towards expectancy, they shift towards actively looking for what God is doing through us and those around us. The On Earth Creatives are creating tangible reminders of what God is doing through the On Earth Project. The On Earth Creatives are creating beautiful things for a beautiful purpose. They are actively seeking to bring the kingdom of God, ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’


Check out their work at @onearth_creatives on Instagram.