Caleb Cooper: Full Britney

In 2007 Britney Spears felt she had lost control over her life. In an iconic move, motivated by desperation, she shaved her head. She became bald. And it was in her baldness she discovered liberation in defying the societal expectations others had of her. Her clean and bare head represented a fresh start, a clean slate, a sacrifice of comfort.


In 2018 Caleb Cooper has complete control over his life, at least enough to decide how he would like to raise money for the On Earth Project. In a potentially iconic move, motivated by a desire to provide for others, Caleb wants to pull a 2007 Britney and shave his head. His goal is to raise $1,000 and declare that concerns about self-image won’t control him.

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“I saw it as a win-win. I’ve kind of always had issues with my self image, and this is my attempt at kicking those doubts and worries down, but for a good cause.” -Caleb Cooper

When we partner with God to bring his kingdom on earth, we find there are few things we would not sacrifice. The willingness to shave his head shows that Caleb is willing to sacrifice his comfort in how he looks for the mission of God. It means that when we take tangible steps towards giving the worries and doubts we have about ourselves up to God, He can utilize it for the kingdom. In sacrificing comfort, Caleb is actively working towards bring the reality of the kingdom of God, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Nathan Ford