The Garden: The Well

Fellowship, food, and fulfillment.

On April 6, sixty young women came together to experience an intentional time of community and conversation surrounding Christ. The Well, hosted by a house of Ekklesia women known as the Garden, was an event created for the purpose of providing a space for the women in community groups at Ekklesia to come together.

“There are so many different community groups within Ekklesia so we wanted to host an event that would bring all the women together. We thought it would be a great way for everyone to get to know each other while learning more about God and their faith.” -Maddy Redman (Resident of The Garden)

The Well.jpg

The Well began with a time of mocktails, food, and socializing; a dinner party of Ekklesia women conversing with familiar faces and meeting new. Dinner with friends transitioned into worship with friends. Dozens of familiar and newly acquainted women sang their praises to God before the speaker of the evening, Kristen Mattila, shared her thoughts on what it means to find personal identity in Christ. From there, the women had the opportunity to participate in a couple breakout sessions with topics varying from a discussion of anxiety to a dialogue about comparison. The Well, like any good gathering, ended with a celebration of dance and dessert.

While one intention of the event was to cultivate unity amongst the women of Ekklesia, another was to raise funds for the On Earth Project. With a suggested donation of five dollars at door as well as additional donations, over $230 were raised.

The Well not only accomplished the tangible, raising money, it also accomplished the intangible, providing space for hearts to focus on Jesus through community. And, in providing a space for hearts to focus on Jesus it allows for the work of bringing the reality of the kingdom of God, “on earth as it is in heaven”,  to be done.

Nathan Ford