How You Can Contribute

The Ekklesia community is participating in various ways to raise funds; here’s how you can get involved.

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Give to a specific fundraiser

Know someone who has a fundraiser?

There are people who are shaving their head... giving up their birthdays... walking dogs... and more. Support a fundraiser and help them get to their goal. 

Simply Click the drop down menu find their name and donate to their fundraiser



Have a creative idea for raising funds for the On Earth Project?

If you are connected to a Community Group, talk with your leaders about putting your idea into action.

If you are not connected to a Community Group, email our admin Rachel so that we can help get your fundraiser started.


buy some merch

Want to rock Ekklesia apparel and support the On Earth Project?

Throughout spring quarter at Norway Hall we will be selling brand new Ekklesia merch. All proceeds go directly to the On Earth Project.

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Donate to the On Earth Project

Want to donate your part directly to the On Earth Project?

Click the ‘Donate Here’ link to contribute. All donations are tax deductible.

Simply Put "Ekklesia" in the comments.