How You Can Help...

The community is coming up with a bunch of ways that we are going to try and raise the funds. Here are some of the ways we think we are going to be the most effective. 


service Days

We are going to hire out the people of Ekklesia to member of our broader church community for you to do some house work for them. If you are in a community group we are asking every group to serve if not one but both of these days. If you are not in a community group and want to help let us know. 


Buy some merch

We are releasing a whole new line of Ekklesia items that we have had donated at cost. That means all the profits are going to these projects. Show up on Thursday nights and stock up. 


Your own personal creativity

You have an unique network of friends and incredible mind to creativity think up some ways to raise some funds for this project. [Ideas here]. And there are so many more. Click the link below to see what some other people have done to raise funds for projects.