You Help Make Ekklesia Happen.

We Appreciate You and All You Do.

We Made an Event to say thank you.


It all started when...

We had to canceled our Volunteer retreat the fall of 2016 . There was a water main explosion...  we did a bunch of planning that we had to cancel... it was a big to-do. To replace it, the staff wanted to make something awesome. So this is what we came up with. We don't want to give much away because the mystery is part of the fun. I will say this... We took our whole budget we used to use for the Leaders Retreat and spent it all on a 10 hours packed full of epic things. 

We only have 50 spots available. So register ASAP.

3 things You need to Know...

1. Food: We have Lunch and Dinner handled. Email Rachel ( if you have a food allergy we need to know about. 

2. Bring the following:

4 Sets of Clothes: 

Set 1: Imagine that you are going to spend an evening where you met that special someone who could possibly be the person you will spoon with for the rest of your life. You are meeting them for the first time to spend an evening having totally appropriate conversation about spiritual things and there is a possibly for you to hold hands while watching "27 Dresses" as it makes its long awaited return to the big screen. What would you wear? Bring that set of clothes.

Set 2:  If a contagious virus infected a majority of the world into super fast, brain eating, sub-humans but you, and a small group of your friends were, for some reason, spared. You are now running for your life through a combination of forest, deconstructed Detroit like urban environments, and California Pizza kitchens. What would you want to be wearing to survive...  Rain or shine? Bring that set of clothes. 

Set 3: Imagine you were going to get super swoll... and then go do yoga. What would you wear? Wear that set of clothes. 

Set 4: It is Sunday... you have nothing to do. You are going to binge watch something on the couch while eating cereal. What you want to wear? Wear that when you arrive. 

3. We will be done at 10pm at the latest... (We Promise)