Thursday nights will center our conversation. 

There will be a diverse set of voices addressing everything from the pertinent scriptural texts, their own experiences and how Jesus followers is can engage these issues. In addition, the vision for how the community of God is brought into focus through the communion table. So, every Thursday night for the duration of the series we will celebrate communion as a community. 

This communion table will continue every evening after the ekklesia gathering when the speaker will head over to Mckay's (1118 E. Maple Street, Bellingham, WA) to continue the conversation where they will be available for casual conversation from 11pm till midnight around that nights topic. 

Podcast and the text line:

These topics will undoubtedly unearth many questions.  So we want to try to engage with them as much as possible. So... we have an anonymous phone # that you can text at any time during any of the messages with any questions. OR you can tag a question on twitter with #ekklesiagathering. 

(720) 336-0585


The Ekklesia staff will try to address those questions as they come in a special 6 week podcast that will come out every Wednesday (3/31- 5/5). The podcast is available on itunes or on our website. 

Conversations through out the week:

The best way to dial out these conversations is with a community of friends. 

If someone brought you to Ekklesia gathering and you want continue this conversation with other people ask them to bring go to their community group with them. 

If you are just looking to dial this conversation out with a few other people and here are a list of the groups where that can happen.