You Help Make Ekklesia Happen.

We Appreciate You and All You Do.

We Made an Event to say thank you.


It all started when...

We had our retreat canceled. That sucked. We wanted to make something awesome for you. So this is what we came up with. We don't want to give much away because the mystery is part of the fun. I will say this... We took our whole budget for the Leaders Retreat and spent it all on a day packed full of epic things. So... It may be the coolest even we have come up with and we did "Ekklisode 7" last year... So that says something.

We only have 55 spots available. So register ASAP.

3 things You need to Know...

1. Food: We have Brunch, Lunch and Dinner handled. Email Rachel ( if you have a food allergy we need to know about. 

2. Bring the following:

3 Sets of Clothes: 

Set 1: If you were going to go on a date with that special someone you want to hold hands and ... Pray with. Wear that set of Clothes. 

Set 2:  If you were going to go hiking (We are not FYI) on the day of the event (Rain or Shine) and during that hike you were chased by a bear... what would you want to be wearing? Bring that set of clothes to change into. 

Set 3: If you were going to work out... What would you wear? Bring that set of clothes. 


You had the opportunity to read a book that relaxed you ... What book would it be? Bring it. 

3. We will be done at 10pm at the latest... (We Promise)